There are 2 ways to create lists in Lusha.

From the Dashboard:

Step 1: Go to "Lists"

In the above panel on your dashboard, click "Lists".

If you haven't yet created any lists, the default list is "All Contacts", containing all of the contact details gathered on your account using Lusha.

Step 2: Create a new list

To create a new list, click the "Create List" button on the top Right.

Give the list a name, and click "Create List".


Step 3: Populate the list

Click the "All Contacts" list, or from your new list, the "View All Contacts" button.

Check all the contacts you would like to move to the list and click "Move". A popup will open. Select the list you created previously, and click "Save".

Alternatively, you can move individual contacts by clicking the 3 dots menu on the right.

*Note that you can filter contacts by time, users and platforms.

Step 4: View the new list

In the Lists main screen, select the new list and view your contacts. (To go back, click the back arrow or "Lists" on the left panel)

From the Plugin:

Step 1: Click Show

On LinkedIn, navigate to a profile, and on the Lusha plugin - click "Show" to reveal contact details.


Step 2: Add to list

Existing list - open the drop-down menu and select a list or create a new one.


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