Lusha collects information from a variety of public and privately available sources, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing opt-in data sharing, from our business partners who take part in building and improving our community, and many more (for example Crunchbase).

Lusha also uses algorithms and machine learning to complete email addresses based on standard corporate email patterns. Lusha ensures that collection and processing of data are done in accordance with all applicable privacy laws, including providing individuals with greater control over their data.

We collect information concerning business profiles, including information associated with company executives, decision-makers, and other employees. The information collected is similar to that which is typically included on a business card, business email signature block, or an online professional profile, including name, company name, job title, email address, phone numbers, business address, and social media links. We do not collect or provide sensitive personal information of any kind, such as health information, political or religious ideology, any kind of financial information, internet search history, etc.

Lusha enables its users to receive information only regarding individuals who have already voluntarily provided information about themselves over the internet. A Lusha user cannot simply enter a search query to receive information. The Lusha services are based on “adding” information to an existing social profile, which an individual has created on the internet.

Whenever possible, we are happy to provide data subjects with the exact source of the data associated with the data subject. However, in some cases, due to technical considerations, locating the data source is impossible or requires a disproportionate effort. In such cases, we will maintain the data subject’s control over his or her data by removing all personal data found in our database associated with that subject.

As part of our policy, we respect requests of erasure and removal and have built an automatic Removal Form. Please note that once you fill this form, your details will be removed permanently from our service.

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