In Leads the Native fields that are being enriched are:

  • Email

  • Phone

With Lusha, in addition to native fields, you can enrich these custom fields:

  • Enriched By Lusha

  • Lusha Enrichment Time

  • Other Phone - additional phone number

  • Other Email - additional email address

  • Company Description

  • Company Number of Employees

  • Company Categories

  • Company LinkedIn

  • Company Facebook

  • Company Twitter

  • Company Founded Date

Here is how to add them:

Adding objects

Step 1:

Go to the Setup page, open the Object Manager and click on the Lead object.

Step 2:

Select Page Layouts from the left side menu and click on Lead Layout.

Step 3:

Drag a new Section into the Lead Details area:

Step 4

In Section Properties pop up window, type Lusha in Section Name field, select 2-Column as the Layout and click on OK button:

Step 5:

In the fields' Quick Find type the field names listed above and drag them into the Lusha section you just created.

For example - Other Phone:

Click Save on the top left corner of the "Lead Layout" page.

Edit the Leads

Step 1:

While viewing a lead, click the settings icon and Edit Page.

Step 2:

From the component list in the left panel, drag the Lusha component onto the center.

Click Save.

If needed, proceed to activation. Click Assign as Org Default. Select Desktop or Desktop and Phone, click Next and  Save.

Well done! You have successfully installed Lusha for Salesforce.

Add Lusha components to accounts and contacts as well.

Click here for the full installation guide, and here to learn about creating rules.

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