This plugin integrates Lusha with 750+ third party web services via the Zapier web automation service.


1. An API Enterprise Lusha account, you can open such account by clicking the "Generate Link" on the API Page  and receive 30 free credits for testing purposes.

Please note that this account (and credits) are separated from your other account with the Chrome Plugin.

2. Zapier account

Note: Zapier accounts have free and paid plans – see the Zapier Pricing page for more info. 

Set Up
To get started simply go to the "Connected Accounts" section of your Zapier account. Type Lusha at the search box and copy and paste your API key

You can now choose an app to connect to.

The most commonly used tool is the enrichment of a Google sheet and you can find a step by step setup guide here.


I have a Lusha plugin plan, can I use my credits on Zapier?

The Zapier uses our API for the searches, this is currently billed separately and per use. You can find our API pricing here.

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