If you are the admin or manager of the account, you can easily manage the team!

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You can invite users to your Lusha account by adding their email addresses within the Team management area.

Note: You must be an account admin or manager to invite or remove a team member.

To add users to your Lusha account, you can do the following:

  1. When logged into your Lusha account, click the Team management tab in the upper right navigation pane

  2. Click Invite members in the right corner

  3. Add their email address and then follow the on-screen instructions

  4. Click Send invite

To receive a list of members from your organization, click on Invite Members >> Invite your team.

Select the members that you wish to invite and click on Send invite.

The invited members can approve the invite via the Lusha dashboard.

Another option is to invite members that do not appear on the list by typing their email addresses.

Depending on your needs, you can invite members one by one or in bulk!

Lastly, the user will receive an invitation via email and needs to click Join the team to become a member.

Did you know?

Scale plan admins can invite a list of emails to the account by uploading CSV (invite in bulk) in just a few clicks. See the attached article to learn more.

Tip 💡 You can also perform bulk actions in the team management tab such as:

  • Removing members from the account

  • Adding users directly to a group

  • Removing users from a group

  • Canceling pending invites

That's all! Now you are ready to manage your team with ease.

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