How do I edit the "Content" tab on my form?

  • First make sure you have switched to the "FORMS" app
  1. Go to the "FORMS" page on your Lusha Dashboard
  2. Select the form and press the 3 dotted menu
  3. Select the "Edit Form"

Here, you will define what will happen after the visitors submits your form πŸ˜€


You will have the option to send the visitor's form submission to your HubSpot account and quickly follow up on new leads or update existing details.

Once the integration with HubSpot is complete, you will need to choose the fields

that you would like to be sent to your HubSpot account.


You can choose to redirect your visitors to any page you pick on your site, once the

visitor will submit the form they will be redirected to the specific picked page on your

site. Simply put your link of the chosen page inside the box and press "Save".

You can change the URL link at any giving time, simply by pressing on the settings

button, and pasting a new URL link instead, don't forget to press on the "Save" button.

P.S - Don't forget to press the "Publish" button to reflect the changes on your site πŸ˜€

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