Lusha Forms shortens your lead capture form to as little as one field, by enriching data behind the scenes. Prospects get attractive, short forms that beg to be completed. You get up to 50% more conversions + highly qualified leads that take the fast-lane to sales.

Benefits of Lusha Forms:

  • Get up to 50% more conversions
  • Free to try:
    Get up to 200 enrichments free a month
  • Shortens your lead form to as little as 1 field
  • Get more complete information about your lead, thanks to Lusha’s data enrichment
  • Leads arrive highly qualified
  • Leads race to sales, and are faster to convert
  • Send leads to any next steps in your funnel

When leads arrive they’re sent straight to your HubSpot CRM, and fully enriched with Lusha’s data.

You’ll receive information such as your prospect’s full name, position, company, domain, industry, revenue and even information like the company’s technographics (if this information is available in Lusha’s DB.)

Leads arrive highly qualified and take the fast-lane to sales, ready to race through the sales cycle.

Get started with Lusha Forms, today.

It’s free to try and you can receive up to 200 free enrichments a month.

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