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With Lusha Forms you can shorten forms to as little as one field and increase conversion rates by up to 50%.

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The average B2B lead form is 11 fields. But reducing your form by just one field increases conversions by 26%. Lusha Forms improves your conversions by as much as 50% by shortening your form.

How we improve conversion rates by up to 50%:

By cutting your form down to as little as 1 field, you increase conversions and get highly qualified leads.

After prospects enter their email address, Lusha Forms goes to work, enriching the lead with the information we have available in our database: like full name, position, company, domain, industry, revenue and even information like the company’s technographics.

Leads arrive to your HubSpot CRM and are fully enriched, with all the data you need to qualify prospects. This means that leads take the fast-lane to sales and are faster to convert.

You can also send leads to any next steps, such as sending leads to sales or to a webpage on your website with more information.

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It’s free to try, with up to 200 free enrichments a month

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