Who can use this feature?

Paid accounts with Premium level or above.

Pipedrive license which includes Web Services API.

The integration is done by the admin of the Lusha account.

How to install?

1. Select a contact you would like to save to Pipedrive

2. Click "Show" to reveal his details (in case they are not shown)

3. Click on the "Save Contact" button at the top of the plugin window

4. Choose the Pipedrive Platform.

6. You will be prompted to your Lusha Dashboard where you will press the "Connect" button

7. Log in to your Pipedrive account through the prompt

8. Press the "Continue to the App" button

9. Pipedrive is integrated successfully! You can now go back to the Lusha plugin and save contacts directly to Pipedrive.

What does the integration allow you to do?

The integration allows Lusha users to create/update contacts to 2 types of records on Pipedrive:

  1. Contacts (the default fields are stated below):

  • Full Name

  • Emails

  • Phones

2. Organizations (the default fields are stated below):

  • Company Name

  • Company Street

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