Who can edit field mapping on the Lusha Dashboard?

This action can only be done by the Lusha account's admin.

How to configure the field mapping for your Salesforce environment?

  1. Login to your Lusha Dashboard

2. Navigate to the "Integrations" tab.

3. Press on the 3 dotted menu and click the "Configure" button

4. You will be presented with the 2 types or records:

  • Prospects

  • Accounts

Each field can be changed to a different field on your Outreach side.

You are able to edit each record to fit your organization's needs.

How do I add predefined values fields to this integration?

1. Please choose one of the 3 available records.
2. Press the +Add field mapping, choose the "Predefined Value" option.
3. Select an "Outreach field" from the available fields.
4. Enter a predefined value.
5. Press the "Save changes" to confirm the changes (make sure to save before changing tabs)

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