What is a Hidden Predefined Value?

Hidden fields can be used to pass values on form submission, without requiring the visitor to fill in that information. For example, a hidden field can be used to set a value of “Open” on your CMS “Status” property, without the need for the visitor to explicitly fill out that form field.

How to add a Hidden Predefined Value Field

  1. Go to the "FORMS" page on your Lusha Dashboard
  2. Select the form and press the 3 dotted menu
  3. Select the "Edit Form"
  4. In your Lusha Form Editor Choose the "Fields Tab"
  5. Click "+ Add Fields"
  6. Choose the "Marketing" tab
  7. Hidden Predefined Value

How to add a Hidden Predefined Value

  • Enter the field name and it's relevant predefined value. This field will not be visible to the visitors of your form, but will be submitted with the form.
  • To insert another "field + value", click the "+ Add URL parameter".

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