Copy-pasting data directly to Zoho is time-consuming and prone to manual errors. Lusha’s Zoho integration automates the sales process without breaking your workflows.

Mapping Lusha data to the right fields in Zoho is easy and maximizes sales efficiency in minutes. Follow the steps below to successfully configure your Zoho account to Lusha!

Who can edit field mapping on the Lusha Dashboard?

  • Available to Scale plan customers

  • This action can only be done by the Lusha account's admin or manager.

How to configure the field mapping for your Zoho environment?

  • Note: you must be a Lusha and Zoho admin to activate the Zoho integration

  1. Log in to your Lusha dashboard and tap your name

  2. Click the "Integrations" tab and select Zoho from the list

  3. After clicking "Connect", you will be directed to the Zoho login page

4. A login screen will appear asking you to sign in to your CRM. The system will not ask for your credentials if you are already logged in

5. Then, click Continue to field mapping

6. Under the Field mapping environment, you will be presented with 3 types of records:

  • Accounts

  • Leads

  • Contacts

If you want to edit fields for contacts already in your database, click on Allow Overwrite.

Note: when adding a new field, the type of field has to be the same as the Lusha field.

Each field can be changed to a different field on your Zoho side.

The chosen fields allow you to determine which Zoho field will get enriched by Lusha

How do I add predefined values fields to this integration?

1. Please choose one of the 3 available records (accounts, leads and contacts)
2. Click +Add field and choose the "Predefined Value" option
3. Select a "Zoho field" from the available fields
4. Enter a predefined value.
5. Press the "Save changes" to confirm the changes (make sure to save before changing tabs)

New! Conditional field map feature

Set conditional field mapping in case an email or phone parent field got updated.

Now you can achieve a better enrichment experience and utilize the leads routing process

To create a conditional field:

  • In your Lusha account, navigate to the Field mapping environment

  • Click the Advanced button next to the 'Email 1' and 'Phone 1' fields (under the Lusha fields) to use a conditional enrichment mapping

  • Click the Map dropdown menu, then enter text to describe the value to create predefined fields that will be modified after the field is enriched.

    • To save the changes, click Apply

  • Once you’re done, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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