1. What is Lusha?

Lusha is a powerful chrome extension that allows you to find contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers through social network profiles.

You can try out the service for free.

Our free plan will provide you with 5 free credits per month.

2. Registering to Lusha

If you don’t have an account yet, you can start the registration process through our site. If you’re on Owler, click on one of the “View employees” buttons and it will direct you to our registration page.

3. Installing the extension

Upon the completion of the registration process, you will be prompted to install our plugin. The relevant extension store depends on which browser you work on. Once you’ve successfully installed the Lusha extension, you should be redirected to the company page you were viewing on Owler.

4. If you’re using Google Chrome: Enable the extension to run on Owler

As you enter Owler with the Lusha extension installed, you will be asked to approve for Lusha to run on Owler.com. This will simply allow Lusha to provide you with data on Owler.

Click on “Enable Lusha on Owler” to achieve this.

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