Prospecting with Lusha over Owler

  1. View employees

To start prospecting with Lusha over Owler, go to any company’s page on Owler, and click on the “View employees” button. This will either open the Lusha plugin or will prompt you to register for our service.

2. Employee list page

Upon opening the plugin, you will see the employee page of the company you are viewing on Owler. From here, you can start to prospect on Owler. You have several options to find your ideal contacts: Search by name or title, filter by department or seniority, or filter contacts by the data type you are after.

3. Searching by name or title

To search for contacts by title or name, simply type in the search box a job title (for example “Product manager”) or a person's name.

4. Filtering

a. Department

With Lusha over Owler, you can filter company employees by the department that they work for. This way, you will only see the employees who are relevant to what you’re after based on their department.

b. Seniority

You can also filter company employees by their seniority levels. This way, you will only see the employees who match your ideal customer profiles.

c. Data type

You can also choose to see contacts who have the data type that is relevant for what you’re after. Click on “All filters” and choose the data type filter from there.

Once you’re done, click on “show results” and the list will be updated.

5. Revealing contact information

As you enter an employee person page, you can reveal their contact information by clicking on the “Show contact” button. This will display the person’s data Lusha has available on them at the cost of 1 Lusha credit.

6. Out of credits?

To reveal data with Lusha you need to use your credits. Free users get 5 free monthly credits. To get more credits you can follow one of these paths:

a. Upgrade

You can upgrade your plan, get more credits, and have additional features available to you. See pricing to review our plans.

b. Free credits

Additionally, you can get more free credits by referring your friends or by connecting your inbox to Lusha.

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