To prospect, all you need to do is to apply filters from the filter panel.

To see results, you will need to apply at least one filter. The more filters you use, the narrower the list of results will be.

You should continue applying filters up to the point where you feel comfortable with the number of available results.

The available filters are:

Company name - search for the specific companies you are after by their names

Company location - where are the companies you are targeting located?

Company industry - What is the industry of the companies you are targeting?

Company size - How many employees are working for the companies you target?

Company revenue range - How much revenue is generated by the companies you target?

Contact department (function) - Do you target marketeers? IT personnel? Select the relevant departments.

Contact location - Where are your contacts located?

Contact seniority level - Do you target only Executives? Maybe Directors? If so, select the right seniority level.

Job titles - What are the job titles of the people you target? Type the job titles.

Contact details - Do you need people’s phone numbers? Emails? Select what is required.

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