On Lusha’s Prospecting Platform, you can easily reveal the contact details of your ideal customers.

All of the people who match your search criteria will have contact information you can then use to reach out to them.

Next to each contact, Lusha will indicate what contact details are going to be revealed to you. This is marked by the “phone” and “email" data point tags.

Clicking on “Show details” will reveal the contact details of the desired contact and will cost 1 credit. One credit is needed to reveal all the data that is associated with a contact.

You can also bulk reveal up to 150 contacts by clicking on the “Select” button at the top of the people page.

*Please note that the bulk search is available for Premium plan or above (Professional plan can reveal contacts just one at the time).

This will select all of the contacts on the page that you are on. You won’t be charged a credit for contacts you have already revealed.

Clicking on “Show selected” will reveal all of the contacts on the page that you are on.

You can also select contacts to reveal without selecting everyone on the page. Use the checkboxes next to contacts’ names and then click on “Show selected.”

If you are not interested in seeing the results of contacts from the EU, go to your Account. Continue to the Account Settings tab, and toggle the EU contact filter off. This will not display the results of people from the EU on your search results.

When this toggle is on, when you search for people from the EU, Lusha will not display them.

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