Upon revealing your desired contacts' details, you can save them to a list on Lusha or to a CRM integration.

You can either save contacts one by one or in bulk.

Once their details have been revealed, to save single contacts, click on the “Save Contact” button next to their name.

You can save them to a list on Lusha, which will help you organize them with our internal list tool and allow you to later export to a CSV file.

You can also save to one of our many integrations, including Salesforce.

On Prospecting, you can also bulk save contacts! This means that you can save a lot of time and save your list of revealed contacts to a list on Lusha or to one of our CRM integrations directly from the product.

Upon revealing your desired contacts, select them, and click on the “Save selected” button.

To bulk save to a list on Lusha, select Lusha from the menu and either create a new list or select an existing one.

Once done, you will see a confirmation screen.

You can also bulk save to an integration, such as Salesforce.

Select whether you want to save contacts or leads, and make sure you are saving to the right account/company.

Lusha will detect the relevant account/company name for you, and if we can’t find an existing record, it will indicate that it’s going to be a new account.

You can also choose to select all contacts to the same account by clicking on “Save all to the same account.”

Click on save, and once we’re done saving, you’ll get a confirmation screen indicating that the save was successful.

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