You have a list of people in a Google Sheet but sadly no email address for them?

Don't panic! With Zapier, you can now find email addresses or phone numbers from a company or domain name, a first name, and a last name. 🔍

Please note this Zapier integration will not find email addresses for already saved profiles in the Sheet, only for new ones after you've set it up.

How this Google Sheets - Lusha integration works:

1. A new row (containing a domain or company name, a first name and a last name in separate columns) is created in a Google Sheet.
2. Lusha finds the most likely email address or phone number for this profile.
3. Zapier updates the row on Google Sheets with the results.

1. Step 1 - Trigger - New or Updated Row in a Google sheet.

2. Step 2 - Action - Create Contact at Lusha.

3. Step 3 - Update Row on Google sheet with data from Lusha.

Visit our Step by step article to start enriching your leads using Lusha and Google Sheets 👨‍🏫

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