In this article, we’ll be showing all you Microsoft Office365 users and Outlook for desktop users how to install and join the Lusha Community with Outlook exe.

Step 1: Approve the Lusha Community terms

Step 2: Connect with ‘Outlook for desktop’ and approve the file download

Step 3: After the file finishes downloading, run the Outlook exe

Step 4: Agree to EULA terms and conditions

Step 5: Choose install location and install Outlook exe

Step 6: Launch, or relaunch, Outlook

Step 7: Login again to your Lusha account with your email and password

Step 8: Start prospecting! That’s it, you’re done!

Note: If a user uninstalls Outlook exe from their device, they will be automatically removed from the Lusha Community and will stop receiving free credits.

Error Handling:

  • In case you face issues downloading the exe file, you can switch back to connect using our web SSO (oAuth web process), Gmail/Outlook, depending on your email provider.

  • In case there is a technical issue to collect the mailbox data, you will get an indication of the reason for the issue. For example: using a different email ID than the one you have registered to Lusha with, missing contacts data, etc.

    If you cannot resolve the issue, have any additional questions, or just want to talk feel free to contact our Support team.

  • The current version supports Outlook installation for Windows only.

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