*This feature is only available for Scale plan accounts*

Feature overview and use cases

CSV enrichment allows to add valuable Lusha data to your large lists of contacts.

Either for enriching lead lists with contact and company information or filling data gaps for better targeting in your go-to-marketing activities, use CSV enrichment to confirm you are using the best data available, and make sure you save time and resources.

  1. How to get to CSV enrichment

  2. Limitations and specifications

  3. How to upload a CSV file

  4. Field mapping

  5. Enrichment process and how to download CSVs

  6. How to manage your enriched CSV files

How to get to CSV enrichment

You can reach the CSV enrichment feature by clicking “Enrich contacts” on the top navigation bar, or go directly here.

Limitations and specifications

The data you upload will not be overwritten - new data will be added on top of it.

Any CSV you wish to enrich must contain at least one of the following combinations -

Required data


A LinkedIn profile URL


Full name + email

John Smith | john.smith@lusha.com

Full name + company name

John Smith | Lusha

The more data fields you add - the more accurate the results would be.

Before you upload your file, you need to make sure the following -

  • File is a CSV file (Read on how to create a CSV file here)

  • File does not exceed 20 MB

  • File does not contain more than 10,000 rows

How to upload a CSV file

  1. Go to the “Enrich Contacts” tab on your Lusha Platform

  2. Click on the “Upload CSV file” button

3. Choose the file you want to enrich and click “Open” and let the file load

4. Your file is now being uploaded

Field mapping

Once your file is uploaded you need to map out the fields in the file by selecting the columns in your CSV file that match the Lusha properties.

  1. Click on “Select ”

2. Choose the data column within the file that contains the LinkedIn URLs

3. To get the best results keep mapping at least 2 of the the following fields -

  • Full name

  • First name + Last name

  • Company name

  • Email address

4. Then, choose what you would like to enrich, emails, phones or both. You will only be charged for contacts we match in your file.

5. Once you map out all the correct fields, click on “Enrich contacts”

Enrichment process and how to download CSVs

  1. The enriched file should be ready in a few minutes, depending on the amount of rows you provided. You can see the status on the tab.

  2. Once ready, you will get an email notification on the results. Click on “View list” to go back to the dashboard and view it or “Download CSV” to directly download the enriched file.

  3. You can also find the enriched file within the “Enrichment” tab.

  4. You can see the status of your request, as well as the number of rows that were enriched ( = contact and company details were added to them).

  5. Click on “Download” to download your enriched file.

  6. You can also find the enriched data saved as a list in the “Lists” tab under the original file’s name.

How to manage your enriched CSV files

  1. Any CSV file you enrich can be accessed through the “Enrich” tab for 3 months.

  2. After 3 months, you will only be able to access the enriched data through the “Lists” tab that can be exported to a new CSV file.

  3. If you wish to remove a list, click on the “Remove” icon and confirm deletion.

***This feature is only available for Scale plan accounts***

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