Feature overview and use cases

Get the most out of your prospecting experience with our new Search up to 1,000 companies. Easily search up to 1,000 companies at once by typing a company name or URL, and get all the information you need to close deals.

Using Search up to 1,000 companies, you can prospect your ideal companies at scale, save time and effort on tedious manual work, and focus on what matters most - shortening your sales cycle and closing more deals.

How it works

  1. Click on the Prospect search tab in the top dashboard menu

  2. Click on the Company name to start your search

  3. Next, click on Bulk search companies to open a dedicated search box

  4. Type in up to 1,000 company names or URLs and click on the View Results button

  5. Get your ideal company list with the most up-to-date contact information

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