1. Feature Overview

  2. Use cases

  3. How to use Company 360

Feature Overview

Company 360 provides you with a comprehensive and in-depth overview of your target company and its decision makers without ever leaving your dashboard. Tailor your prospecting by locating companies in relevant regions, discovering new segments and exploring similar company profiles. You can also view and map the company’s employees based on their seniority, department, and more.

You can use Company 360 to

  1. View all the company employees

  2. View employees based on seniority

  3. Filter potential decision makers by department

  4. Find similar companies

  5. Save contacts

Use cases

  • Get a 360° overview of any company to create targeted Account-based marketing campaigns (ABM) built to close any deal.

  • Expand your potential company outreach by finding similar companies that match your search criteria.

  • Get all necessary company information in one place instead of using various sources in order to gather valuable insights.

How to use Company 360

  1. Click on the Prospect search tab on the upper left side of your dashboard or go to the Search for companies box to start your company search.

  2. Next, type in any company you'd like to search under the Company names in the filers section on the left hand side of the screen.

  3. View the company details on the dedicated company page.

  4. Can't find the company you were looking for? Click on Similar Companies to locate similar company based on HQ location, industry and employee headcount.

1. View all employees

  • Click on the View employees button on the upper right part of the company page.

2. View employees by seniority

  • Go to the Seniority filter and choose the seniority level you’d like to map.

3. Filter potential decision-makers by department

  • Click on the company name and go to the Department Filter and choose the desired department at the drop-down menu.

4. Go to similar companies

  • Go to the Discover More section to discover similar companies that match your initial company search.

  • Click on one of three suggested companies to view the entire company page.

5. Save contacts

  • Click on the Save to button to save your contact information.

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