Who can use this feature?

Paid accounts with Premium level or above.

In addition to our existing support for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Premium and Enterprise users can save a lot of time and bulk enrich an entire list of contacts.

First, all you need to do is create any applicable search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and be on the “Lead results tab.”

As soon as your LinkedIn Sales Navigator loads up lead results, Lusha will show you the contacts it has data on.

Each lead results page on LinkedIn Sales Navigator contains up to 25 leads, which means Lusha will have up to 25 potential leads to offer you their contact details.

By default, Lusha will not select any of the people on the page and instead allow you to choose the most interesting ones.

You can also filter this display to see within the Lusha extension the people Lusha has data on by the different connect details: Phone, Work email, and Private email.

You can Bulk reveal as many contacts as Lusha has data on within the Sales Navigator page you are currently on.

All you have to do is select the contacts you want to reveal the data and click on the “Show selected” button. You will also have an indication of the number of credits that will be used to complete this action.

Upon revealing the details, you will have an indication that this action was successful by seeing the “Revealed” label. Additionally, you can expand the person card and see the information that was revealed.

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