Who can use this feature?

Paid accounts with Enterprise plans or above.

Upon revealing the details of your desired contacts, you can save them to one of our CRM integrations.

To do that, select the revealed contacts and click on “Save selected to”

Next, select your Salesforce integration and the relevant saving method: lead or contact.

If you selected “Lead,” Lusha enables you to modify the selected companies to ensure leads are saved properly.

You can also choose to save all contacts to the same company by clicking on the “Save all to the same company” checkbox.

This will make the other company name fields disabled to ensure no saving mistakes occur.

Once ready, click on the “Save” button.

This will commence the saving process, indicated by a loader. Please wait as Lusha saves the contacts to your Salesforce account.

Once the saving process is complete, you will receive a confirmation page that will allow you to either indicate that you’re done or to save to another integration.

Upon completing the saving process to Salesforce, your contacts will have a saved to SFDC indication next to their names.

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