Our community members help keep Lusha’s database accurate and up-to-date by sharing their professional network’s contact details in exchange for extra credits or access to premium features.

Users who have joined the community and connected their email successfully will be granted 25 one-time credits and additional 10 credits each month, besides the 5 free credits each free account is eligible for (Please note the credits will not be rolled over from cycle to cycle).

More importantly, users will benefit from more accurate and comprehensive data for their prospecting activities via Lusha.

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How does Lusha’s community edition work?

Once a community user agrees to our Code of Conduct and connects his email account, Lusha will synchronize their business email with our database.

How to leave the community?

You can cancel your membership to Lusha anytime through Lusha’s community portal via the FAQ section, or contact our Support team.

Have more questions or concerns about joining the community?

Review our community FAQ page and Privacy page.

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