In this article, we’ll be covering the most frequently asked questions about Outlook exe, if you didn't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact our Support team.

Do I have to have Outlook on my PC?

Yes, we just replace our outlook exe with the existing one. In case you don't have Outlook installed on your windows, then use the web SSO options to connect and join the community.

Can I use Outlook for MAC?

The current version supports Outlook installation for Windows only.

If you find Outlook for MAC relevant for you, please contact our Support team with your request.

Can I use 2 different devices (PC’s) to connect with Outlook for desktop?

No. Only one device is applicable.

Do I have to be a Lusha user to join?

Yes. Otherwise, you will fail the authentication process. You cannot sign up to Lusha through the Outlook installation process. Please register first to Lusha and then Join Lusha's community.

What information does Lusha collect from my Outlook email account?

The information that Lusha collects is the same business information that can be found on a business card, including Full name, company name, job title, business phone number, and email address.

The majority of information that we collect from Lusha Community members confirms the data we already have in our database for professional purposes and acts as a system of validation and fraud protection.

Will I get any indication that I’ve successfully connected my Outlook and joined the Lusha Community?

Yes. at the end of the installation and verification process, you will get a message that you’ve completed the process. In addition, once you return to the Lusha dashboard you get an indication of the 25 credits you received.

Make sure to use it till the end of your credit cycle date.

How many credits would I receive after successfully connecting my Outlook for desktop?

25 credits immediately after the installation and verification process have been completed and additional 15 credits each month as long as your Outlook integration remains active.

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