Filtering the dashboard

Usage analytics enables admins and users to monitor their team’s Lusha credit activity, including top insights into team performance and Lusha usage, understand their teams’ needs better, how they are interacting with Lusha, make benchmarks for Lusha usage, and optimize credit allocation accordingly to reach KPIs.

The dashboard allows you to filter the data to get down to the insights that matter most to you.

2 types of filters are available in the dashboard:

  1. Filter time frame

  2. Filter by users/teams

Applying a filter affects each and every widget on the dashboard.

Filter time frame

6 timeframes are available to choose from:

  1. Today

  2. Yesterday

  3. Last 7 days

  4. Last 30 days

  5. Last 90 days

  6. Last 180 days

Filter by users/teams

Only available as part of eligible plans

For admins

Admins can drill down and see usage insights for any user or group in the account

For non-admins

Non-admins can see either their own usage insights and their team’s if they are a part of one.

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