Zapier is a tool that allows integration between different apps.
A Zap uses a Trigger and then one or more action items.

This article will provide a possible use case of enriching new contacts with Lusha's API using Zapier. In this use case, whenever a new contact is being created on HubSpot without an email address or a phone number, Lusha will attempt to enrich the contact details and update the contact information on HubSpot.

Initial setup and requirements:

In order to create the Zap you will need:

  • Paid account on Zappier

  • API key from Lusha (available for Scale accounts)

  • HubSpot account

Bulk enrich HubSpot contacts with Lusha's API using Zapier

Before following the steps below it is recommended to create a new HubSpot contact with first name, last name, and a company name. This contact will be used as a test.


First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Jakar
Company: Lusha

Creating the test contact on HubSpot:

It is also recommended to associate the contact with a company:

Step 1. Create a new Zap

Create a new Zap by clicking on "Make a Zap!" on your Zapier account page:

Step 2. Setup the trigger:

1. Choose a trigger app - by searching for HubSpot in the search box.

2. Select the Trigger Event, in our case, we will trigger the event on New Contact.

3. Click on Continue and select your HubSpot Account

4. Set up trigger if needed add additional properties to retrieve, in this case, 3 additional properties were added.

5. click on Test trigger, an existing contact on your HubSpot should appear.
In the below screenshot, you can see the test contact we have created.

Click on Continue.

Step 3. Setup the filter action:

1. Choose Zapier app as a filter and click Continue.

2. Select the desired filters and click on Continue.
In our case, Lusha will enrich the contact information of a new contact whenever the contact email fields and phone numbers fields do not exist.

Once you click Continue you should get an indication if the Zap would continue or not. In our use case, the contact Daniel Jakar from Lusha doesn't have any phone numbers or email addresses on HubSpot, therefore the Zap would have continued.

Step 4. Setup the Lookup Contact action:

1. After we finished with the filter action, it's time to move on to the lookup action.
Click on the + sign to add another action and search for Lusha in the search apps bar.

2. Click on Lusha and select the Action Event - Lookup Contact then click Continue.

3. Choose your Lusha account and enter your API Key which can be found on your Lusha's API Dashboard page (General API), then click on 'Yes, Continue'.

4. Set up action - In this window you will set up the source for the Lusha Lookup Contact.

a. Full Name - Select from the HubSpot fields the contact "First Name" insert a space (important!) and then select "Last Name".

b. Company By - By default the value should be 'Name', which means we are looking for a company name rather than Company Domain.

c. Company - Select from the drop-down menu the column header you will be using as the source of the data, and this must match the selection of Company By.

d. Property - If you are interested in getting results only when a phone number was found change the property to be 'Phone numbers', attentively, if you are looking for Email addresses only you can switch the property to 'Email addresses'.
By default, a credit will be consumed whenever Lusha found an email and/or a phone number.

e. LinkedIn URL - Select from the drop-down menu the LinkedIn URL value, you may need to click on 'Show all options' in order to see the LinkedIn URL.
This field is optional but may increase the hit rate and accuracy.

This is how it should look once done:

5. Click on Test action, you should see an indication that the contact was enriched - "Test was successful!".

6. Click on the + sign to add our last action

Step 5. Setup the Update Contact action in HubSpot:

1. Choose the HubSpot app and select the Update Contact action event.

2. Click Continue and select your HubSpot account.

3. Set up the action, map the data Lusha found on the new contact to the relevant fields on your HubSpot Contacts fields.

a. Select the Object ID for the contact - Click on "Enter text or insert data..."

b. Click on "New Contact in HubSpot"

c. Click on "Show all options" and find the Object ID then select it.

d. follow the same process and map the relevant information for you (such as email addresses and phone numbers).

One of the additional fields that we have added to our HubSpot contact's layout is: Enriched by Lusha, which is a pick-list field (yes or no).
Whenever a contact is being enriched by Lusha the value will be 'Yes'.

Once everything is mapped click on Continue.

4. Lastly, Test the action and Turn on the Zap so it will automatically enrich new contacts based on the filters you have added.

When navigating back to the test contact on HubSpot you can see that the contact information was enriched by Lusha:

Lusha found 1 email address and 2 phone numbers for this contact.

Zap history and usage:

If you wish to view your Zap history and check the status codes of your API requests please navigate to your Zap runs using this link, if needed add filters such as date range, zaps, etc.

If you have any questions on the above feel free to reach out to our support team via email - or using our website chat (on the bottom right side).

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