1. Feature overview and use cases

  2. How to use Lusha Over Calendar

  3. Product specifications

Feature overview

Lusha Over Calendar provides Lusha community users with all the information they need prior to meeting prospects.

By easily integrating Lusha with their Google calendar, community users can get a clear overview on their prospect's job title, LinkedIn profile and meeting agenda as well as past actions and interactions and the prospects’ company information.

*This feature is only available to existing community users

Use cases

  • High volume of meetings - users who have multiple meetings a day, especially back-to-back, will find it extremely useful to get instant, actionable insights directly from their calendar.

  • Lusha extension users - Users of Lusha's extension will likely use Lusha Over Calendar's extension layout.

How to integrate to Lusha Over Calendar

  1. Sign in to your Lusha account with your username and password in order to access the dashboard.

  2. Click Connect your calendar to integrate your Google calendar.

  3. Click the Connect Google Calendar button to sync your calendar directly with Lusha.

  4. A pop-up will appear explaining the benefits of Lusha Over Calendar before signing in with Google.

  5. From the Google oAuth screen, choose your Lusha email address for activation.

  6. In order to allow Lusha to view and edit your calendar events, click Allow and you will be redirected to Google calendar web.

  7. In case you didn’t approve running Lusha extension on any website, then you will have to approve the following Chrome permissions.

  8. You can view the brief of any meeting with external guests, outside your organization, in your calendar by clicking on the 'View meeting brief' button on the Lusha Extension.

  9. Now, you can easily view valuable meeting information including meeting agenda, guests’ job title, LinkedIn profile, past activities, as well as company info and social media profiles.

  10. That’s it, you’re ready for your next meeting!

Product specifications

  • Lusha Over Calendar is only available to existing community members (free users) and business email accounts that are registered to Lusha.

  • In order to view and edit website data, the user has to accept Chrome permissions or add it in step six.

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