Lusha is a powerful data enrichment tool that allows you to find contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

With the Lusha Chrome extension, you will be able to find contact information through social network profiles.

You can try out the service for free 😀

Our free plan will provide you with 5 free credits per month 😊

Just sign up, install the plugin and search a social media profile on sites such as LinkedIn.

You can check the following video to understand how the Lusha extension works:

Lusha also has additional powerful features:

▪ The prospecting feature works straight from the Lusha dashboard and allows you to search for contacts by specific fields, such as company name, location, revenue, industry, Etc. The feature is available on all of our paid plans.

▪ The bulk enrichment feature allows you to enrich the data for up to 25 contacts at a time from your Sales Navigator account, you can save them to your Lusha lists or straight to your Salesforce account. This feature is available on Premium plans and above.

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