1. Feature overview

  2. How to prospect

  3. Advanced filters

  4. Contact / Company Suggestions

  5. Favorite Companies tab

  6. Bulk search for company enhancement

  7. Saved and Recent Searches

  8. Generate, save and export lists

  9. Product specifications

1. Feature overview

Lusha Prospecting allows you to

  • find more information in each search

  • reveal up to 1,000 contacts and companies at once

  • pull up millions of decision makers’ direct dials

  • target high-priority accounts and exceed your goals

2. How to prospect

To start, sign in to your Lusha dashboard

Click on the Prospect Search tab on the left upper corner of your screen to start prospecting.

3. NEW! Navigating through the filter panel

Prospecting's' new filter panel allows you to filter contacts and companies, all under one roof, for an intuitive prospecting experience. Read more

Use filters to refine your search process and generate lists of your ideal customers. Get results by applying at least one filter. The more filters you use, the narrower the results list will be.

  • Company name

  • Location

  • Industry

  • Employee headcount

  • Revenue

  • NEW! Technology Filter (available to Scale accounts)

  • Year founded

  • Contact details

  • Contact name

  • Department

  • Seniority

  • Job title

  • NEW! Job Changes Filter (available to Scale accounts)

Didn't find a contact or company?

New in Prospecting! Contact / Company Suggestions

You now have the option to search for similar companies/contacts when "no results" are displayed.

  • Similar contacts - based on Location, Department and Seniority level

  • Similar companies - based on HQ location, Industry and Employee headcount

4. NEW in Prospecting! Favorite Companies tab

  • Allows you to see all your favorite companies from one place

  • You can add a favorite company from the Prospecting Company tab or from the Company page

  • When a company is added, it will appear in Favorites

  • Admins are the only ones who can remove favorite companies from company pages and favorite tab

5. NEW in Prospecting! Bulk search for company enhancement

You can now upload a CSV file with a list of company names or URLs. This provides you with a clear indication of companies that were unsuccessfully found in your bulk search.

6. New in Prospecting! Saved and Recent Searches

To make it easier for you to return to your previous searches quickly, we’ve created the recent and saved searches option.

Click here to learn more.

7. Generate, save and export lists

Convert all your searches into accurate, clean contact lists/ Easily build, export, and generate lists from your dashboard.


New in Prospecting! Contact selection across pages

  • Customers can navigate through pages and select / exclude contacts either manually or in bulk

  • Premium customers can select up to 25 contacts from different pages, while Scale plan customers have an unlimited number of contacts.

  • A combination of bulk selection and manual selection is not possible. Manual selection cancels previous bulk selections and vice versa.

- This feature is only available for Scale and Premium accounts -


Easily access your saved searches at any time and pick up right where you left off. Recent searches can be seen per user, not per account.

  • Use the “Filters” to find your next prospect

  • Click “Show details” to reveal their professional contact information

  • Click “Save to”

  • The popup that appears will allow you to save contacts in a platform and to a specific list

  • Click “Create new list”


Any list you create can be exported to CSV or uploaded to your CRM.

New in Prospecting! Export Company to CSV

  • Export company data to a CSV file - up to 25 companies per page

  • You can work directly off of your list or upload it to your CRM

  • We are not using any credits to provide this information

- This feature is only available for Scale accounts -

8. Product specifications

  • CRM capabilities

  • Limitations

  • 1k search

  • Bulk options

  • Save to favorites

CRM Capabilities


1K search feature

Bulk options

Save to Favorites



Can go up to page 10

Up to 100 companies at a time





Can go up to page 400

Up to 100 companies at a time




HubSpot, Pipedrive, Bullhorn - can export up to 25, Zoho - can export one at a time

Can go up to page 400

Up to 100 companies at a time

Can bulk reveal up to 25 at a time


Scale Plan

HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, Pipedrive, Bullhorn, Dynamics - can export up to 25, Zoho* - can export one at a time

Can go up to page 400

Can enrich up to 1k companies at a time

Can bulk reveal up to 1K contacts at a time


  • In the case of more than 150 contacts at one time, you can either download them as a CSV or view them as a Lusha list.

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